If your perfect holiday would be one made up of long days spent on the beach all in the name of relaxation and lightheartedness, the beaches lying between Follonica and Punta Ala are the ideal place for those staying at ‘Il Cicalino’ Holiday Farm. They are easy to reach, made up of fine and light coloured sand in wide-open spaces, and are surrounded by a lovely pinewood, stretches of equipped and free beaches, delightful to walk in especially when looking for relief from the heat.


The beaches lying between Follonica and Punta Ala flow into the Gulf of Follonica and include the towns of Castiglione della Pescaia, Piombino, Follonica and Scarlino: they are particularly appreciated for their transparent and sandy sea beds in which children can safely bathe in.Furthermore, many of the private beaches welcome dogs.


Thanks to the wide range of both free and private beaches which can satisfy the needs of everyone, these Maremma beaches turn into ideal resorts. The two pinewoods on the West and on the East are also worth remembering, as with their many rest stops and refreshments, they are the ideal place for a picnic far from the typical stuffiness of summer.


The beaches in and near Follonica are:

  • The Pratoranieri beaches: these are the beaches closest to the centre of Follonica, so that they can easily be reached on foot or in a few minutes by bike along the cycle lane that runs along the town’s coastline. These beaches are both free ones and private, fully equipped ones. On a clear day, you can see Corsica, the Isle of Elba and the Island of Montecristo on the horizon.
  • The Polveriera: this beach lies at about 3 km to the south of the centre of Follonica and it has extremely shallow water in which, during low tide, shallows tend to appear in the middle of the waves to the delight of children.
  • The Carbonifera beach:5 km from the centre of Follonica and so named due to the 19th century tower of the same name, which stands above it.
    The place once served as a commercial trading point and was also the railway’s last, end of the line stop for the coal coming from the mines. It is also to be noted that this beach is a part of the “Parco Costiera della Sterpaia” and with its shallow seabed is perfectly suitable for very young children.
  • The Torre Mozza beach: It is 3 km from Follonica centre and is dominated by a 16th century tower, which, in the past, acted as a lookout post. Moreover, as it is part of the “Parco Costiera della Sterpaia”, it offers bathers an environment made up of rushes and sandy dunes. Moreover, if you swim out about 30 metres from the water’s edge, you will come across a reef lying one metre under the water. According to an ancient legend, this 100-metre long reef is in fact a find from the old Via Aurelia. If you go swimming with a snorkel and mask, you will be able to admire many examples of sea bass, gilthead bream, dream fish and octopus. On the Torre Mozza beach, there are both private equipped beaches and stretches of free beach but if you are thinking of going there by car, we advise you to go there very early in the morning because the nearby car parks – especially in midsummer – fill up in the blink of an eye. You can go there by car, which you can park in a car park standing less than 100 metres away.

The Carbonifera beach


The beaches located in and around Follonica are:

  • The Cala Violina beach: as it is located inside a natural reserve, it is considered one of the most beautiful free beaches of the Maremma area. Only a limited number of cars can enter.
  • The Cala Civette beach: this beach lies approximately 11 km from Follonica centre and its name comes from the tower, which overlooks it, i.e. the “Torre Civette”. If you want to really immerse yourself in a wild and secluded place, Cala Civette is the perfect place but if you intend to spend the whole day there, it is recommended to take everything essential with you before you set out, as it is totally without any rest stops, refreshments or equipped beaches. You get there by the SP 158 road (Strada delle Collachie), once you reach Pian d’Alma, follow the signs for Punta Ala and reach the Alma river.
  • The Cala Martina beach: although at only 7,5 km from the centre of Follonica, it is not easy to reach because part of the road leading up to it, is prohibited to any motor vehicle of any sort. Therefore, you have to reach it either on foot or by bike. Along this path stands a monument dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi, which commemorates his escape from the Pope’s guards. Finally, as the beach is without bathing establishments, rest stops and refreshments, it is recommended to take with you everything you need for the day.
Follonica beach and Punt Ala beach


The beach at Punta Ala is famous as it offers you peaceful swimming and bathing in the middle of a place of great natural beauty with romantic and poetic views all around. Its sand is fine and golden, its waters are clean and transparent surrounded by pinewoods and woods of oak and cork trees that give you welcome shade in the heat of summer. Famous as it is the beach of an exclusive and prestigious port – it was the base for the Luna Rossa sailing boat – the beach at Punta Ala will capture your heart with its scale and scope its bright colours and all the refined and elegant and always welcoming spaces.

  • Cala del Barbiere: a small rocky cove, secluded and without bathing establishments, thus perfect for those looking for some real peace and quiet. By the way, the Cala del Barbiere bay has been studied by archaeologists who discovered Etruscan and Roman finds there; and this beach was used as a film set for the 1973 film with Ugo Tognazzi, “L’anatra all’arancia”.
  • The Punta Hidalgo beach: this is a long and sandy stretch of beach with many bathing establishments, peaceful, well-kept and suitable for kids. You have to walk quite a long way to reach the free beach.
  • The Porto beach: right in front of the Isle of Sparviero, there is one bathing establishments and some stretches of free beach.
    To get there, you have to cross the tourist port on foot. The sea is lovely here with its sandy and sloping seabeds, ideal for swimming and bathing.
  • The Casetta Civinini beach: located just outside Punta Ala, you can reach it by taking the SP 158 road (Strada delle Collachie) in the direction of Pian d’Alma. Once you have parked your car, you will easily be able to find ample free spaces, even during the high season.

Not far from Punta Ala lie the Rocchette beach and other lovely beaches at Castiglione della Pescaia, where you will find both sandy and rocky seabed, suitable for snorkeling.