The team will face a very full month of March, with both the Italian race debut and the first World Tour Race of the season: La Strade Bianche. The team has decided to set up an additional training camp, and it will be our structure to host them.

Our suggestive and strategic location for those who love cycling, will host the Italian training camp of the team, wanted by the team management to better prepare the busy calendar of March races. Mario Cipollini will also be present with the team.
The team will be at our estate from February 22nd to March 2nd, in a strategic area both from a climatic and landscape point of view. From there it will be easy for the team to carry out an inspection also for the first World Tour race of the season, the Strade Bianche on March 6, 2021.

With the occasion of the training camp, some media and promotional activities will also be held, which will also see Mario Cipollini as a guest.

Roberto Reverberi, team manager of the team, explains the choice of the retreat and the choice of the location as follows:

“From a sporting point of view we worked very well with two separate training camps, between Spain and Turkey, which laid excellent foundations for the season even already at the first seasonal success in Turkey. In March, a full race calendar awaits us, with the Italian debut and two World Tour events such as Strade Bianche and Milan-Sanremo. This is why we considered it essential to follow up on the preparation with an additional training camp. We talked about this opportunity with a long-time partner of the team, like Tenuta il Cicalino who welcomed us with enthusiasm. A wonderful place where our kids can stay focused and improve their athletic preparation. The estate is located in a strategic position not only in terms of climate, but for those who love cycling. In the vicinity there are numerous perfect routes for training and also to carry out a first inspection in view of the Strade Bianche.”