Cooking class and olive oil tasting in Tuscany

FROM 21st TO 25th JUNE 2022

Five days and four nights for a cooking class and a basic oil tasting class so as to discover the secrets of Tuscan cooking and the good and the not so good characteristics of olive oil. Surrounded by tradition, good taste, nature, and relaxation!
With all his experience, Riccardo Zanni, our chef, will teach you how to fully appreciate Tuscan cooking, expertly transforming it into unique dishes. And then our other expert will take you into the world of flavours and fragrances, by tasting extra virgin olive oil on a sensorial path which will let you live a truly unique experience.

Enjoy their world which will soon be yours, too!

The package offers you:


700per person
  • Dinner drinks are not included


616per person
  • Drinks at dinner are not included

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    Alissa Mattei is an organic chemist and she began her professional career in 1974. In 1992, she became a professional taste tester and panel leader. She has published many scientific articles and patents. Since 2006, she has been working as a consultant for numerous companies and producers’ associations, organizing tastings and scientific courses in Italy and in other countries (Russia, Hungary, Chile, Argentina, China). Nowadays, she is President of the Knoil Association which works to spread olive oil culture and is the AIFO (Italian Associatio of Olive Oil Mills) panel chair. She has also been a judge in various international competitions. She writes Tuscan recipes as well as recipes from other Italian regions.

    chef riccardo zanni

    Chef Riccardo Zanni started working very early on in his family’s restaurants, where he trained as a chef, eagerly learning all the secrets to the trade. His inquisitiveness and passion led him to travel and get an all-round cooking education, learning many different and innovative techniques and bringing home with him a wealth of experience that contributed to form his own idea of cooking. Between trips, he would manage the family restaurants while completing various internships, including one at the “Vissani” restaurant in Baschi (Orvieto). He teaches at Cordon Bleu, Florence; Coquis-Ateneo della Cucina Italiana, Rome; and Gambero Rosso, Rome.



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