Oil tasting weekend course

FROM 25th TO 27th MARCH 2022

Together with our expert, we will take you into a world of flavours and fragrances, by tasting extra virgin olive oil which will enable you to experience all the excitement that comes from the freshly harvested fruit.

Let yourself be taken into the world of oil!

Double bedroom OFFER

264 per person
  • (water, Cicalino wine and coffee included)

Single bedroom OFFER

306 per person
  • (water, Cicalino wine and coffee included)

Knoil Academy – First level Course

We will teach you about both the good and bad characteristics of oil and its various uses, from cosmetics to art, passing through the kitchen on our way: a sensorial itinerary and a truly unique experience.

Basic course on EVO (Extra Virgin) oil:               

  • Planting and cultivating olives and production of extra virgin (EVO) oil
  • Introductory itinerary to sensorial analysis using the COI (International Olive Council) method
  • EVO extra virgin olive oil tasting with its flaws and its various characteristics

Alissa Mattei is an organic chemist and she began her professional career in 1974. In 1992, she became a professional taste tester and panel leader. She has published many scientific articles and patents. Since 2006, she has been working as a consultant for numerous companies and producers’ associations, organizing tastings and scientific courses in Italy and in other countries (Russia, Hungary, Chile, Argentina, China). Nowadays, she is President of the Knoil Association which works to spread olive oil culture and is the AIFO (Italian Associatio of Olive Oil Mills) panel chair. She has also been a judge in various international competitions. She writes Tuscan recipes as well as recipes from other Italian regions.

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